Enchanted Sessions

I BELIEVE children embody the magic of innocence in this world and these portraits capture the innocence and beauty of each child! Girl and boy sessions are available.

Because these sessions involve me renting outfits for your child or children, there is an extra cost involved as well as planning. We will consult with you on choosing the perfect outfit for your son or daughter for their session. There are several outfit choices to choose from and prices vary depending on what you choose. These sessions are for sitters to around age 10 (but we can do older, even adults). 

Sessions start at $250 which includes a rental and a $25 print credit. Prices vary depending on prices for rentals. Multiple children can be in session but there is a charge per outfit depending on outfit chosen since they are rented.

Children love these sessions and they are precious works of art.
Email us about a magical session for your son or daughter.